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From Producer to PlatformRely on Our Supply Chain for Consistent, Quality Chemical Solutions in Oil & Gas

Drilling and Completion

Essential additives, lubricants, and modifiers providing stability and efficiency for seamless drilling and completion operations in the oil and gas sector.

Production Enhancement Chemicals

Specialized chemicals for corrosion control, flow assurance, and scale inhibition, supporting stable and efficient oil and gas production operations.

Natural Gas & Refining

Additives and treatments for purifying, stabilizing, and refining natural gas, ensuring safe and effective processing in the oil and gas industry.

Control System Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic fluids ensuring smooth control system operation, with corrosion-resistant properties for the oil and gas industry.

Oil Spill Response

Spill solutions for rapid response, ensuring environmental safety and compliance in oil and gas operations.

Solid Partnerships, Strong Supply ChainConnecting the Oil & Gas Industry with Top-Tier Chemical Producers

In the complex and critical domain of oil and gas operations, the role of high-quality chemicals is vital. At Imporquimica, we understand the crucial importance of providing the right chemical solutions exactly when and where they are required.


since 1990
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On-Time Delivery, Every Time

Time is of the essence in the oil and gas industry. Every second counts, and delays can result in significant financial implications. That’s where our robust and resilient supply chain comes into play. We guarantee timely delivery of our products, ensuring that our clients’ operations run smoothly and efficiently. Our just-in-time operation model is meticulously designed to anticipate the needs of our clients, keeping vital chemicals in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

A Supply Chain You Can Trust

Reliability is the cornerstone of our supply chain. We understand that our clients depend on us for the uninterrupted flow of high-quality chemicals. Our extensive network of logistics and transportation partners ensures that no location is too remote, no deadline too tight. We pride ourselves on our ability to navigate the complexities of international shipping and customs, ensuring a seamless delivery experience for our clients.

Quality Assured from the World’s Best Producers

Quality is not just a promise; it’s a guarantee at Imporquimica. We source our chemical products exclusively from the world’s leading producers, ensuring that every product we deliver meets the highest standards of excellence. Our stringent quality control procedures guarantee that our products are not just effective, but also safe and reliable. We take no shortcuts when it comes to quality, because we understand that our clients’ success depends on the integrity of our products.

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SourcingProactive Sourcing for Unmatched Responsiveness

Our proactive approach to sourcing means that we are always several steps ahead. We import our products with months to spare, ensuring that we are ready to respond to our clients’ needs at a moment’s notice. This forward-thinking strategy enables us to maintain a consistent product supply, even in the face of market fluctuations and unexpected challenges.

At Imporquimica, we are more than just a supplier; we are a partner in your success. Our commitment to on-time delivery, coupled with our robust supply chain and firm focus on quality, makes us an indispensable asset for your oil and gas operations.

Oil & GasOil & Gas

Spill Products and Laboratory ReagentsWorld-Class Spill Products and Laboratory Reagents

Imporquímica, partnering with Markleen, offers a wide range of high-quality Spill Solutions specifically designed for the oil and gas industry.

Our extensive selection serves both the Naval/Maritime and Industrial sectors, demonstrating versatility and effectiveness. We offer a variety of absorbent materials and barriers for spill protection, ensuring comprehensive safety measures. Our product range proudly features the globally recognized marine dispersant FINASOL OSR 52, renowned for its effectiveness. Enhance your oil and gas operations with Imporquímica's advanced Spill Solutions, meticulously designed for safety, adherence to regulations, and environmental stewardship.

Imporquímica, driven by a firm commitment to excellence has developed a strong network of partnerships in the field of laboratory science.

Over the years, we’ve consistently adapted to meet our clients’ changing needs, resulting in a top-notch selection of laboratory reagents, consumables, and equipment. We offer products from globally recognized brands, guaranteeing accuracy, dependability, and cutting-edge solutions. At Imporquímica, we are fully equipped to meet your unique requirements, providing a wide range of laboratory essentials to support your Oil & Gas operations with efficiency and precision.

Products specifically designed for the Oil&Gas industry

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